Glimpsed this guy’s work via an article in today’s New York Times and decided to check it out a little closer.

Apparently the photographer has: ‘…spent twenty years out there breaking the speed limit of the intelligible. He has photographed eateries and ruins and horizons, the starts of parades, the aftermaths of tornados, human faces, human backs. In terms both of mileage and vision, he has earned his Union Card for Loners.’

My kind of stuff.

Anyway, I think it’s the simmering madness in the desolation that I like about these pictures (some of which which reminded me of Brampton) which are about to be published in by Purple Martin Press.(yes, apparently there are still things called books).

Be sure to check out his website as well which has some equally interesting stuff. I especially liked the pictures of people swimming in the muck at Coney Island. Something I could definitely relate to.