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Hard to believe its been ten years since I started stealing Internet from the Post-graduate department at UWI, but there you have it. Not bad, I think, for a website that was never designed to do anything but make noise and give me and my friends something to laugh at.

That said, it hasn’t been all fun and games, especially when that PJ picture made its way around Jamaica and strange cars started showing up outside my dorm. So, what can I say to everyone who has supported me, hired me, published me and called me ‘Afflicted’ in public except – thanks.

To those who fought me, tried to shut me down, called the cops on me, and took off when things got a little too hot – thanks to you too for making the journey all the more interesting, but you can all suck it. 🙂

PDR – The Afflicted Yard (est. Oct.27, 1999)


I guess it’s not too surprising that they couldn’t get him to sign the ‘defendant’ part. For those of you wondering exactly what is being charged, here’s a look at the FULL INDICTMENT (PDF).

…with a drawing of what appears to be a rendering of a Black Beavis, from Beavis and Butthead. Seriously, that’s kind of funny.

If you’ve never heard of Reverend X aka The Spirit of Truth, you probably don’t spend as much time online as I do. Thank the Lord muthafuckin’ Jesus Christ.

Observe, and be sure to check his Myspace page…its quality.

Hyde Hall Great House was built in 1820, 14 years before abolition (and over 175 before Death of Autotune). Long Pond, Jamaica. More after the jump.

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We can actually feel the feed switching gears and approaching –like a giant black cloud. Everyone here is shut inside, in front of the TV..waiting for the lights to go out or for a giant earthquake to strike Los Angeles.

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