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Hard to believe its been ten years since I started stealing Internet from the Post-graduate department at UWI, but there you have it. Not bad, I think, for a website that was never designed to do anything but make noise and give me and my friends something to laugh at.

That said, it hasn’t been all fun and games, especially when that PJ picture made its way around Jamaica and strange cars started showing up outside my dorm. So, what can I say to everyone who has supported me, hired me, published me and called me ‘Afflicted’ in public except – thanks.

To those who fought me, tried to shut me down, called the cops on me, and took off when things got a little too hot – thanks to you too for making the journey all the more interesting, but you can all suck it. 🙂

PDR – The Afflicted Yard (est. Oct.27, 1999)


EVERY Jamaican should be demanding a State of Emergency….now!

Report: Gunmen invade children’s church camp, abduct and rape 13-year-old girl.

…the Dragon is coming.

Okay so, I’m taking a stand. Find me on the stripped down version: The group and Fan page will remain up but I think its time to escape the blue vortex.

If you’ve never heard of Reverend X aka The Spirit of Truth, you probably don’t spend as much time online as I do. Thank the Lord muthafuckin’ Jesus Christ.

Observe, and be sure to check his Myspace page…its quality.

Some people don’t believe me when I tell them Grover used to slap the sh*t out of Kermit…

This is what happens when you follow Andy Milonakis on Twitter.

We can actually feel the feed switching gears and approaching –like a giant black cloud. Everyone here is shut inside, in front of the TV..waiting for the lights to go out or for a giant earthquake to strike Los Angeles.

….and a quick check of the Internet and the TV confirms the beginning of the biggest media event since 9/11. It’s gonna be GREAT and I’ve stocked up on snacks and a pot to piss in so I don’t have any distractions.

Now don’t get me wrong, while Jackson’s sudden death was a tragic end to the life of perhaps the greatest performer ever, I wasn’t exactly surprised by it. As a matter of coincidence, I had actually mentioned the possibility of it happening a week before he actually died (although the prediction at the time was that he would probably collapse on stage from an overdose of Liz Taylors while trying to cram 50 concerts into two weeks).

Equally unsurprising to me was the media storm that interrupted that whole #Iranelections thing (which was getting boring anyway) and the subsequent non-stop coverage given to Jackson’s untimely demise. But as I’ve already said, that was just the beginning.

Today I expect the biggest show of Jackson’s career, punctuated by the stuff that is truly funny – the high rising tide of emotional cheese that is sure to emanate from the feed as the day marches on.

This morning, for instance, I stumbled across a gem on Facebook which was so sopping with Limburger that I simply had to share some of it for the sole purpose of making you cringe. I’ve edited the piece a bit which is really just a list of rhetorical questions about what killed The Boy King. It’s titled “I think we’re Gonna Be Sad” Check it out after the jump (but make sure you haven’t just eaten)…. Read the rest of this entry »

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