EVERY Jamaican should be demanding a State of Emergency….now!

Report: Gunmen invade children’s church camp, abduct and rape 13-year-old girl.


…and wash people’s clothes, just to live here?

Saw a very interesting article about this film and decided to check it out. Glad I did.

…the Dragon is coming.

See the rest HERE.

Okay so, I’m taking a stand. Find me on the stripped down version: http://www.twitter.com/afflictedyard. The group and Fan page will remain up but I think its time to escape the blue vortex.

If you’ve never heard of Reverend X aka The Spirit of Truth, you probably don’t spend as much time online as I do. Thank the Lord muthafuckin’ Jesus Christ.

Observe, and be sure to check his Myspace page…its quality.

Another great photo series from the NY Times

‘A thin, dusty line is about the only thing separating Kenya, one of the Western world’s closest allies in Africa, from the Shabab, a radical Islamist militia that has taken over much of southern Somalia, beheading detractors, stoning adulterers and threatening to kill any Americans or Europeans who get in their way.’

This one is still strictly word-of-mouth…but for those of you wondering if Jamaican TV  landscape had already dried out into an abominable wasteland of shit,  here’s a couple small murmurs from the underbelly.

– The Last Don, KOTE Part II (interview) : Active Voice
– The Last Don Screening (review): Eve Mann

How great would it be to throw a piano out a tall building?

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